May 13, 2003

Does anyone like Simi Garewal and her Ron-deh-voo programme? Clearly some people must, or it wouldn't still wouldn't be on air. I have always given it a wide miss. Each time there seemed to be an interesting choice of guest, the very sight of Ms. Garewal launching into song (very thanklessly inserted at the very beginning of the programme and with facial expressions that would make afternoon soap bahus weep, such is the excruciatingly cloying content) makes me lunge for the remote. The questions are usually very emotional, with the host sympathising at every tribulation of the guest and making sure there always is a guaranteed level of of maudlin sentiment.

I watched the last two episodes because the guest this time was apna Rahman. I did try and offset the white lady's presence by frequent visits to the English Premier League matches in the neighbouring channel (Arsenal last week and Liverpool v Chelsea this Sunday) to take the taste out: much like we eating savouries after a dose of sweets before tasting our tea or coffee. Rahman did have a rags-to-riches story, so Ms. Garewal showed us her gamut of saccharine, sugar and jaggery filled emotions (I'm sorry if I'm being cynical or insensitive but it really did get too far when she dramatically plucked a rose (allusions to Roja ?) to hand over to her shy guest).

I think I need to get myself checked for diabetes.

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