Aug 9, 2006

The fellow grouch and the unwitting aid

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raj said...

If you thought, someone atlast posted a perceptive comment, am sorry. I just posted to record a 'quaint' experience I ahd with this blog. You know that spelling affliction we all suffer from, right - you know the kind that forces you to read something else when you see 'fcuk'- our mind being conditioned to certain words and all. I am sure you have received a boring long forward e-mail on that as well.
Reason it is relevant is that I always read this blog address as QUAINT :-)
Your name being RAMANanand and all, I ended up thinking you were one of those off-beat souls who revelled in calling himself quaint, weird etc:-)
Only yesterday, I realised that it's actually Quatrian Man :-)
Just thought will share this with you because it gave me a mighty tickle and a chance to write a long comment - hope you arent offended:-)