Oct 28, 2006

Exploring the music of Iruvar :: Introduction - I


Harish Kumar said...

I enjoyed it because I watched it in Telugu (preferred to English sib-titles) and I have a fair idea of the political scene in TN. I'm not sure if it possible to appreciate the movie or the songs if you don't have this background. So it is good that you are explaining it before you delve into the intricacies of the songs.

Anonymous said...

Nice write-up, Ramanand.
Well, I am one of those who consider Iruvar one of the best Tamil films, if not the best, as you put it. :)
I take the chickening-out as a matter of fact. That (and the masking of some lines) are "compromises" alright (and a reminder that such portrayal is still impossible in Indian cinema), but did not matter at all in the larger scheme of things in the film. But, I think the usual criticism that the film didn't serve as an thorough exposé of TN politics, or that it didn't dwell too much into the details (plot-wise) of the yesteryear political affairs, is really silly.

For me, Iruvar is like Citizen Kane; a collection of vignettes, some even independent of each other, across a vast timeline about the protagonist(s) - and, for what the protagonist(s) are, it's about the state itself - without actually dwelling deep into any particular phase; just touching the various aspects, as if to say "that's all you need to know" to us, appropriately allowing the icons to stay "mystified" in our eyes rather than getting into the details.

And, he was called Anandan, and not Anandam, in the film. Though the film's working title was Anandam.

Unknown said...

Harish: that's the intention. Hope to get all the context in.

Zero: thanks for the notes - agree with you. Will make the corrections to the name.