Apr 1, 2008

G'mla kaa H'mla

Google's April Fool jokes can sometimes try too hard and end up tired, but this year's effort from Google Australia is quite clever and culturally relevant. G'd on you, lads.


Salil said...

This is the real one: http://www.google.com/virgle/index.html

Unknown said...

They're all 'real', I think, and there are three in all, from what I've seen: this one, the Virgle one, and the GMail Custom Time

Salil said...

And I actually thought that the offline Google Docs they announced yest was also a prank.. :-|

Abhishek said...

Salil: same here. Saw the video - it seems very fishy. Then he said the magic words. "Google Gears", and I knew it was not a hoax.

Anyway, this line from the gDay FAQ was hilarious

Q: Wait a second. I live in the US. Does this mean I’m now 2 days behind Australia? A: Yes. Yes it does.