Jan 18, 2006

An Atlantic Thought


Anonymous said...

real good pondering, this one.
But generalizing further, do big (external) wars mean something uniquely significant to the internal self? Or, is it just an implementation detail of providing our lives with some "meaning"?

But again, when we talk about the implementation, we talk about the implementation details :). damn, vicious circles!

Ajay said...

As young people, the thing that many of us possibly fear the most is the fact that our lives will be of no significance. (OK, maybe I shouldn't generalize it. I do worry about myself.).

Tough question. Personal answers. In an earlier generation, other movements have come to the forefront, arguably tapping this vein of thought among youth - the Naxalites?

Economic liberalisation may have pushed these questions to the background for many, but they remain.

Good post.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting thought indeed. I will definitely mull over this when my brain is in a better condition (i am just feeling tired :().

Btw, why is your site 'popping up' ads?