Jan 19, 2006

Penny Farthings for rent


Unknown said...

The SETI project reminded me of Chrysalis a few yrs back in COEP..two of my friends gave a presentation on SETI and our very own Sapkal sir(u wud b knowing him right?) asked some questions which werent even remotely related to wht SETI/the presentation addressed..it was awfully stupid..guess his brains were also processing something else!

Schrodinger said...

SETI @home is an impressive system. I am proud to announce that I closely work with the person who thought of it, put it together and put SETI on the map of Popular Science.
Infact just last week I was standing face to face with the racks of Sun stations which power the whole system at the Space Science Lab in UC. Berkeley.

J Ramanand said...

schrodinger: would that be Seth Shostak? (He's the only name I know w.r.t SETI - he usually used to be its de facto spokesman)
Either way, quite wonderful for you to be in the midst of all that.