Jun 14, 2006

"And now for something out of the syllabus..."

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I am writing a novella on COEP Hostels (1999-2003) .. sorta personal journal. Having the convenience of hindsight, those four years were the best i have ever had.

Heres a humorous excerpt ..

"It’s really interesting these first meetings. I have often wished to go back in time and capture these seminal moments on celluloid. The first friend I made at COEP was a guy from Satara. I met him in the room opposite. It was the room in which the Ozhar guys Vineet Dhar, Mayur More and Sandeep Dharampal lived. Now I occasionally waded into their room now and then since one of them was in my branch. My memory fails me what brought TJ into their room that moment, but I do recollect the topic of discussion. They were talking about room allotments. Now, COEP hostels behold this age old tradition of obliging hostel ‘facilities’ to the legitimately meritorious candidates. When the clerk in the hostel office feels like doing some charity, a list of students arranged in decreasing order of their marks is printed. This list deserves some mention. It is a print which would humble the most ancient dot-matrix printer. The paper quality is truly government. But the USP of this hostel list is the glue used. My college deserves a standing ovation for using glue which sticks … tree trunks, stone walls, side benches everywhere. This list, once stuck remains stuck for eternity. Even the most diligent poster tearer has not managed to completely tear off these lists and I wouldn’t be surprised if a closer inspection of college/hostel walls reveals some list of some semester of some year of some branch"