Jun 17, 2006

Go.ndyaa parat aalaa


Salil said...

The memorial on Ganeshkhind Rd. is a rather noticable bust of D. Chaphekar installed last decade. The actual 'historic' memorial for Rand laid down in 1897 however is a neglected and tampered marble stone next to it.

Ajay said...

Just to clarify - 'Chapekar' or 'Chaphekar"? I suspect the latter, based on the pronounciation and spelling in Marathi.

Thanks for the post. I've always known about this, but been fuzzy on the exact details.

sujay said...

to add to the 'clarifying' post,
I remember my grandma telling me that my family is somehow related to the 'chaphekars'.
However, the name appears as 'chapekar' even in vernacular newspapers.
but then, according to them, L.N. Mittal is Laxmi Narayan Mittal......

There is a dualism in many marathi surnames. 'phadanis' and 'phadanawis', 'kulkarni' and kuLkarni,
ok, oka, and oak, etc. Sometimes even cousins spell their surnames differently.