Jun 15, 2016

Brian Bilston, the 'Poet Laureate of Twitter'


Her interest in him

had waned,

then gradually eroded.

Like an update

to Adobe Reader,

he’d never be downloaded.

I discovered Brian Bilston's Poetry Laboetry. He is wonderful to read. (Probably because I can understand what he says and there is whimsy involved.)

Points to the Iceland football team

Not only did they draw their first ever tournament match, they made Ronaldo whinge. (Not that he needs an invitation to.).

Oct 13, 2015


Today was the scariest day of my life.

Today was the day it was supposed to happen. (But it didn't.)

Things were supposed to get going, pick up, take off. (But no.)

I was supposed to do things. (I didn't.)

When I woke up with a To Do list bubbling with the energy of optimism. By the end of the day, it had drooped and wilted. Too much exposure to the sun.

The day I was supposed to go outside and see the light. (But I stayed inside.)

The day when the epiphanies, like the groceries, were failed to be delivered. (They tried calling, but no one picked up the phone and they couldn't find the place and it's your fault.)

Today, I looked back at the last 8 hours. (I shouldn't have.) No one knows what happened to them. (Did they even exist?)

Today was just like yesterday. (Perhaps an identical twin to tomorrow, just born a day earlier.)

Tomorrow may be the scariest day of my life.

Jul 20, 2015

Getting past the sky

Kaun kehta hai ki aasmaan mein suraakh ho nahin sakta,

ek pathhar toh tabiyat se uchhaalo yaaron.

I had no idea these lines existed.

Can't stop thinking past it. Unabashed optimism and derring-do. Something that I doubt I have ever experienced or used. Can't remember if there was a time where I could have thrown a stone "with conviction".

Sky or not, but it just zipped past my defences.

Now how to make going to read Dushyant Kumar a priority?

(from Varun Grover's article about using this poet's lines in "Masaan")

Jun 15, 2015

The Magna Carta Joke

From about the age of 10, I could remember that the historic signing of the Magna Carta happened in the year 1215. How? Thanks to this joke which I read in Reader's Digest:

A tourist guide is with a group of visitors at Runnymede, where the Magna Carta was signed. He tells them: "this is where the Magna Carta, or the Great Charter, was signed in 1215.

One visitor looks at his watch and remarks: "Damn, we just missed it by about an hour, then".