May 31, 2009

May, it be

* This blog finished seven years this month. Clearly, in the cyclical nature of things, the frequency of updates on this blog hit an all-time low in the last 12 months. In honour of all the silence, there's no annual strange post unlike these efforts in preceding years. Perhaps next year.

* Gems in the Backyard is a lovely article by Sudarshan, fresh after the release of his first book (a translation of a Hindi bestseller, which you should definitely give a shot if you're a 'pulp' fan).

* Attending A.R.Rahman's first performance in Pune later today. Trouble is: I've got a cold that promises to rival Idi Amin in its unpredictable nastiness. Will it rain on the parade? (hopefully not literally - seat neighbours had better bring an umbrella).

* May is the month of sporting finales & quizzing galas.

May 13, 2009

BCQC Open Quizzes this Sunday

The BCQC presents two open quizzes in Pune on this Sunday (17th May). Both are general quizzes this time. The afternoon quiz is by Niranjan, whose quizzes have always been top of my personal charts (no, saying otherwise will not affect my performance reviews) - they are a guaranteed riot. The morning quizmasters are not bad either, especially in the strange-things-happen-to-them department.

Looking forward to both of them. If you want to drop by, here're all the details.