May 31, 2009

May, it be

* This blog finished seven years this month. Clearly, in the cyclical nature of things, the frequency of updates on this blog hit an all-time low in the last 12 months. In honour of all the silence, there's no annual strange post unlike these efforts in preceding years. Perhaps next year.

* Gems in the Backyard is a lovely article by Sudarshan, fresh after the release of his first book (a translation of a Hindi bestseller, which you should definitely give a shot if you're a 'pulp' fan).

* Attending A.R.Rahman's first performance in Pune later today. Trouble is: I've got a cold that promises to rival Idi Amin in its unpredictable nastiness. Will it rain on the parade? (hopefully not literally - seat neighbours had better bring an umbrella).

* May is the month of sporting finales & quizzing galas.


Santosh Kumar T K said...

saath saal waali khujli (supposedly) khatam!

lage raho, jame raho, badhaai ho!!

Unknown said...

Thanks! Will probably get a move on this year.

Unknown said...

Congrats JR! I guess twitter is one of the reasons for the low frequency :P

Keep blogging and twittering :)

Unknown said...

SS: thanks - hope to do both this year.