Oct 20, 2002

Weaving a web
One film promo that stood out instantly had a little girl and a stocky (Jupiter Jones would have approved of the epithet) boy singing a quirky song. My first guess turned out to be right: it was a jhalak of Vishal Bharadwaj's Makdee. The song was typically Vishal, who's actually directing the movie too(First time I've known a music director to take on the role of the director too) and making his debut. Supposed to be a children's movie also featuring Shabana Azmi as a witch. Many good films are unnecessarily tagged "for kids" and don't get the deserved kudos. Case in point being Halo by Santosh Sivan. Makdee seemed quite interesting.

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Rohan said...

Halo was a great movie. I remember watching it in 8th standard when our class teacher took the entire class for a show...i also professed my love to a girl in my class in the theatre...Movies and memories..ah!!