Dec 31, 2002

I've been continually asked what the best moment of the Mastermind experience was, to which I would always say "None in particular". But the best moment just happened: I got a call from R.K.Laxman this morning telling me he watched the show!
I'll permit myself one "whoppee" for this :)


Siddharth said...

It may come in a bit late, but this is when I happened to read this blog of yours!!! I may seem a bit weird scanning through old blogs and then even dropping a comment, but of late I’ve become a big fan of your blogs!!!! You write in impeccable English.

I’ve been a big R.K.Laxman fan myself, so getting a call from the man himself is the ultimate prize u could have ever got for winning mastermind!!!

Unknown said...

Siddharth: thanks for the comment. Yes, it was super to be on the other end of the phone with the great man!