Feb 28, 2003

Nothing to do with the budget, but with the workings of the mind of an Indian abroad. I've heard it said that when we Indians go vidhesh, we tend to convert every monetary price into the Rupee equivalent. Usually, the dollar/euro rate is much in demand, as gharwaale are stupefied by the fact that you might have to pay 50 rupees for a burger or so.
I'm worried my Indian-ness is in question, as I have not tried to convert money back into the Rupee at every price tag that came my way. Instead, I apply conversions for time.

I don't know why, but I keep converting into IST. Come to office at 8.30 GMT, and I instantly convert to 2.00 pm IST and wonder "The folks at work must have just come back from their after-dinner walk.". Get up at six in the morning to think "my parents would watching such-and-such programme". 12.30 here on Wednesday had me biting my nails as to who won the toss, Ganguly would know whether he was a lucky man. I keep doing it. Right now, seeing a mail from a colleague made me shoot a reply his way: "What are you doing so late! Go home...". While I plod home in the persistent pitter-patter that is Dublin's contribution to the inches of rainfall (quite like Pune), I know people back home will be in zzz-land. Most of them at any rate.

I'm mindful of the fact that I've been credited five and a half hours of time but would gladly lose the same when faced with the turn to board the swades-bound flight. Home is where the heart is, but my sense of time is strictly GMT + 5.30.

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