Jul 9, 2003

After reading the name of the male opponent of Martina Navratilova and Leander Paes in their historic Wimbledon Mixed Doubles triumph, I realised that a few re-arrangments later, my name could easily be that of an Israeli. Or alternatively, if Andy Ram were to come to India, he'd find that no one would have any trouble pronouncing his name. That's unfortunately not a given for Lisa Krasnoroutskaya and (even better), Alex Lopez Moron!

And speaking of the great Martina, imagine coming to the same tournament for 30 years! And if you throw in the fact that a kid was named after her by a mother who happened to be a big fan of her as well as a tennis coach, the kid then grows up to win a few Grand Slams of her own including Wimbledon, and the kid even retires early due to career-stopping injuries, puts the longevity of the ex-Czech American in sharper perspective.

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