Mar 13, 2006

The greatest ODI ever? Naah!


Zero said...

Personally, the best ODI I've seen still remains the 1999 World Cup semi-final between the same teams.
Same here. The bowling departments left behind to see what the batters do is not a sign of a really great match.
But, yesterday's was one hell of a chase. Just that a team which was facing a target which nobody even thought they would be left to chase one day, and was actually successful in doing it made it the greatest chase. I mean to chase through such a whopping score was too much.

Manish said...

Though,excitement kept alive till the last moment, but Yes, not the best one by a far margine!

For me the best one-day was the Indian chase against Pakistan at Bangladesg Independence cup -1998!

Tejaswi said...

Batters?! I thought you prefered Coupling over Friends.

Ramanand said...

T: finally figured out cryptic comment. Answer in suitable vein: I don't mind the odd episode of "Neighbours" (they're halfway between F & C and then they have their own contributions!) as well :-)

[of course, in real life, I've never watched "Neighbours", but that's not important, is it?]

Harish Kumar said...

The greatest ODI for me is the last ODI played between Pakistan and West Indies in the West Indies in 1992 - the series in which Akram and co. were arrested for possession of drugs. The series was tied at 2-2 and the final ODI ended in a tie because Akram cribbed that the crowd rushed in when he was trying to collect the ball, trying to run Kenny Benjamin (IIRC)on the last ball.This match had some of the best players cricket has seen - playing to their potentials (which is a big thing when it comes to the Pak and WI teams of the 90's).

Tejaswi : Good one.

Harish Kumar said...

BTW As Ponting put it, martyn was very unlucky during the Ashes and didn't deserve to get dropped. IIRC he had atleast three bad decisions - bat n pad being given as LBW.

VIP said...

The wolf is clearly at the door for the champs. Fine news!

Mahesh Subramanian said...

for me, personally, the greatest ODI will be the tied semi final in 99 world cup.. that was a more even contest between bat and ball and was so filled with tension that almost everyone last all their fingernails..

talking about the australian team, as much as i would like to see them lose, i have to admit that even when they are playing at only 25% of their actual capacity, other teams will struggle to beat them.. thats how high they have set the standards and we will have to admire them for that (albeit grudgingly)..

marcus said...

I agree. All this power hitting, and the bat dominating the ball is getting pretty boring, infact downright nauseating. For me the '99 cup semis was the greatest ODI I have ever seen. the administrators should seriously start looking at evening the balance of the game.

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