Mar 30, 2007

The fifth ball


Harish Kumar said...

Actually it has been divine intervention in every edition - the rain rule in '92, BCL rule in '96, Waugh/Warne rule in '99, BCL and rain rule in '03.
I personally believe it is only fair that an unattractive team like SA is denied the WC.It would rob the game of all the remaining dregs of romanticism.
Brilliant post, though - our very own The Great Indian Novel!!!

Unknown said...

Glad someone "got it"! Would you agree that the most attractive team put out by SA was in '92? Rhodes-McMillan-Snell for flair, and Cronje-Wessels-Pringle for solidity.

Harish Kumar said...

Yea,probably the '92 team was the best - that is, the best that SA could produce.
For me, Donald,Rhodes and Cullinan are the only 'flair' players from SA.I don't think Cullinan played in '92.
Hudson was another rock solid batsman..And Peter Kirsten who had a great WC - 400 odd runs IIRC.