Aug 2, 2007

Some more cine fragments

Some more cine fragments


Harish Kumar said...

Chak De India - don't think the music is bad. In fact,liked it.
Expect the movie to be very good. Of course, Shimit Amin. The story is very good - Negi is a good man and it has got all the ingredients for a Hindi movie. They have tried to make it as authentic as possible - apparently it has broken the record for the no. of reels taken. Amin wanted it to be perfect - Negi himself was available for ensuring authenticity.So, expect the movie to be good and Karan Johar's money should make it a hit as well. Shimit Amin deserves it.
This is probably the only movie to have a reason to get promoted on Star Cricket, though.

Unknown said...

Since your comment, heard bits of another song. Found it decent. Yet to hear the soundtrack though. I still find the title jarring!

Hope it does well. I suppose even if these sports movies turn out exactly how you expect them, the good ones get you hooked. Hopefully Shimit Amin has done justice to the name of the director of Ab Tak Chappan.

Anonymous said...

hi, my comment isnt abt ur blog but another: u had started a series on iruvar? but didn't finish? any chances of that still happening? thanks :) it was quite a nice series thats why

Renie Ravin said...

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