Oct 21, 2008

Would you excuse me while I beat you up and steal your livelihood?

I have always maintained that Indians don't get irony. They are apt to feel insulted when it is pointed out to them. So I suppose there is no point in tapping the nearest MNS guy-bearing-brick that by rioting and generally terrorising the population at large, they are depriving fellow MaraaThiis of their livelihood. People who own shops, who rent out autos and taxis, who need to travel by local buses to make a living. "Go home, so that we can fight for your rights (and my right to be a right moron), or I'll break your head."

Nikhil Wagle may be shrill, but the guy has guts. Of all the people on all the news channels, he is the only one to do what he has been doing for a long while: dropping all pretence of pseudo-journalistic-fairness on a situation that demands none. He smells a conspiracy in what the local Congress and NCP govts are doing - letting the MNS steal the carpet from under the hapless Shiv Sena's feet. He also predicts Raj Thackeray is just the latest genie to be released out of the bottle. That the fair name of Maharashtrians has been sullied. The only one to loudly ask what Raj Thackeray has done in the four years since he began this so-called agitation. No representations to the Railway Board. It takes a certain culture to be democratic and the Thackeray household consciously leaves that out of the syllabus.

Finally, I notice that almost every bit of arson and rioting seems to be captured on video. I don't know if the rioters wait for the cameras to show up, or if there just are so many cameras around. A bit of both perhaps. So is it a good thing that people see every bit of this? Ordinarily, you think the publicity ("any" better than "none") would suit the MNS (arrested at 2:30 am, delayed court appearance, overnight jail). But would too much of it be counter-productive?

Finally, feel really sad for the poor chaps who came to Bombay despite knowing that people like them have been soft targets for several years. How desperate must the situation be at home? Sentence both Lalu and Raj T to one year's servitude to the family who lost their young son in this cross-fire.


Anonymous said...

Such a short post and yet you raised such important questions. I hope to read more of your posts soon.

Unknown said...

Thanks. Though I'm a bit of a wellsian frog myself. Guess it's time we did some shouting, eh?

Unknown said...

Nikhil Wagle is the same guy who though believes that Raj Thackrey's methods are incorrect, Raj's intention of saving Marathi culture is correct.

Wagle too believes that every one in Maharashtra must learn to speak Marathi.

I don't understand why it is a must.

Unknown said...

Also, when people were first hit by MNS 2 years back, they first called news channels to reach there and then they started hitting in the locals etc.

So that's how news channels reach there.

Unknown said...

Manish: I did see the programme in which Wagle took that stand. Of course, I disagree with those parts. But at large, he has been the most vocal critic of the various avatars of the Sena and has been literally 'black-listed' by the Sainiks on occasion. I respect that courage.