Dec 31, 2011

The Rahul Dravid of the year

December 31st is the Rahul Dravid of the year - everyone is waiting eagerly for the next guy to come in, about whom everyone is exceptionally hopeful about, irrespective of how great Dec 31st was. (Eventually they'll blame that guy for practically everything in their life that year, instead of realising that the days are different, but they remained the same).

December 31st is always overshadowed by the promise of the next wicket.

(Previous December 31st commiserations. Have a super 2012, but have an even better Dec 31, 2011!)


Ranajeet said...

Sir this is brilliant.

Unknown said...

Dhanyavaadams sir.

A half light said...

Nice angle ;)

Sandeep said...

Dravid ek accha player hai Accha hua jo is cricket ki durty politics (gandi raajniti) se bach gaya. cricket ab sirf cricket nahi raha ab usme buhot sara politcis aa gays hai. best luck Dravid for your free life.