Jun 21, 2012

CuriosITi - the Tender Leaves quiz raising funds for "Teach For India"

Can write code? Can read requirements? Can calculate your per diem? Then you surely know the 3 Rs. But many kids in our country cannot, and that's what Teach For India aims to change. It's not easy, but someone's got to do it, right?

Pune's most creative book rental Tender Leaves is organizing a corporate quiz for IT companies in Pune. One aim is to raise funds for TFI. Another is to gather the likes of us IT-types, who've been fortunate enough to take for granted our access to books, movies, education, and jobs. Not to feel guilty about these, but to help give back a little. Or rather, to pay it forward.

And an important third: to have some fun, quizzing-wise.

This isn't a quiz only for the pro-quizzer, but for all those knowledgeably-inclined. While this time, participation is exclusively for people working in IT/ITES companies, we invite you (student or professional or the happily unemployed) to watch and participate as part of the audience.

We'll see you at the quiz. And do share this with your friends and colleagues from Pune.

To learn more about the quiz and register, go to this link.

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