Jul 30, 2002

The Legend of Bhagat Singh...
...actually has some nice songs (IMHO of course). Didn't think Rahman would achieve the cultural crossover to the Punjabi style, but I found he used it in some songs without losing his usual touch. Particularly in Pagdi Sambhal Jatta, the harmonium was very interestingly used. One of those rare songs that Sukhwindra Singh can sing without being too odious, it is quite a rousing song as it must have been intended to be. I also liked Mahive and found Rahman's Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna quite melodious. Yes, I am no music pundit, but I liked most of the music. These days, I also listen to the lyrics (post Lagaan awareness) and was surprised to see Sameer to do a decent job (not exactly reputed for that in the past).

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