Jul 31, 2002

No more COEP
But thankfully, only from next year, I think. The powers-that-be have managed to obtain autonomy for the old college . In one fell swoop of the eraser, they are preparing to do away with the only thing that saves COEP's goose: all the brand equity associated with the name "COEP". PIET? Who's gonna know what that is? A misspelling? Or it will be confused with PICT. And such a vapid and mundane name! Pune Institute of Engineering Technology? Hah! Glad to be out before all this uniforms, mid-sems exams, and now PIET nonsense. And anyway, methinks not much will change with "autonomy" unless the staff can be chased away. Does the administration have the will? Lemme leave it at this. Perhaps I'm like Seshan here: cursing the system while partly being in the middle of it with my teaching activity.
Or am I wrong? Is it good to cast aside "COEP" and associated baggage of negativism with that moniker?
And what will happen to the battle cries? Awaaz Kunacha? PIETcha? Yuck!

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