Sep 17, 2002

Frasier more often
The sitcom Frasier is like this little gem that brightens up the dark night: atleast those nights that I can watch it (Competition for the remote is fierce but civilized at home). It now airs each weeknight and the lives of the Cranes entertains quite unlike others. For me, it is the wittiest show on air for there hardly are any creative compromises, no "the-majority-will-not-get-this-gag-lets-water-it-down" tricks, no loud attention-attracting devices. The acting is of the highest calibre with Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde-Pierce & John Mahoney leading the pack (They deserve every cent of their reputedly rooftop-breaking salaries). The comedic timing is good, so much so that even Moose, the spunky dog that plays Eddie can only be called "gifted". But most of all, it is a writer's triumph. A recent news item noted that Frasier now has the most Emmies, each of them richly deserved. Interestingly, the character Dr. Frasier Crane (created by Glen & Les Charles as a glance at the credits will tell you) appears in an earlier show called Cheers that you might catch on Star World in the afternoons. It is played by Kelsey Grammer himself, and seemingly like Robin Williams' Mork from Happy Days was turned into the series Mork & Mindy, Grammer seems to have forked a path out in the tube-world. For trivia-mongers, Woody Harrelson also appears in Cheers.

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