Sep 17, 2002

Now where have I heard that?
Now, it's no big deal when it becomes apparent that a new song is stolen. lifted, inspired, remixed (depending on what side of the musical divide you stand) from an earlier tune. People shrug their shoulders and move on to enjoying the next song (till they discover its origins). Things have come to such a pass that Bappi Lahiri wakes up one fine day and receives a mighty jolt: somebody has replicated his tune (I use the word "his" hesitatingly). This actually happened if you think I'm joking (George had this post on that topic). But what nobody has seen fit to spotlight is the state of the poor playback singer putting to audio, notes from a paper which a 30-paise kerosene xerox just spat out.
I got to thinking of this on hearing the title song from Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam & Dil Laga Liya from Kundan Shah's Dil Hai Tumhara (BTW, is this the same man who made the cult Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron or has he been replaced by some evil twin from the eight planet of Masalawood?). The reason for their being as dissimilar as two round, green peas in a pod for two, is the fact that the music directors of the 2 films were listening to the same Pakistani radio show, and drew unflinchingly from the same well. Now having digressed enough, what I'm interested in is: are the music directors considerate enough not to invite the same singers?
Consider this: a poor playback artiste does 6 songs each day. Having finished one recording, she rushes to studio B to record her next hit (everyone is agreed on this: the song that is being recorded will be the next most popular jingle since "Happy Birthday to you"). Going through the mandatory antaras & mukhdas, a vague sense of déjà vu knocks the door. She bravely fights it off, only to be kayoed back when she hears the music gushing through her ears via the headphones: the tune is identical to the one she just finished doing in studio A. Here, if the playback singer had a degree in Computer Science with an inclination towards Optimizing Theory, she'd pull out a cassette with the earlier recording and ask the techs. at this studio to make a copy. Everyone goes home early that day.

But seriously, can't these "creative persons" take the pain to atleast alter the tunes?
Their motto in life? 'Ditto!'

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