Apr 21, 2003

Three coincidences...

I usually don't think too much about coincidences, but there have been a few interesting ones in the last couple of days:

ekam: I was continuing to read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K.Dick. On Sunday morning, a small and hastily arranged BC session had me incorrectly identifying this picture. More informed people will know that it is The Scream by Edvard Munch. Later in the evening, I read about the same in Do Androids... in vivid detail just a couple of pages ahead.

dwithiyaha: On Fri/Sat, a friend had started a thread on poetry, including one reference to The Bhagwad Gita in one of Tagore's last poems. This led to a discussion on The Gita itself. Monday morning, TOI's front page has this article on How the Gita influenced romantic poets.

tritiyaha: Today's A Word A Day was Xanadu (Scroll to end of linked page). I had started watching Citizen Kane yesterday, which is filled with references to Xanadu.

They may be mere coincidences, but they've been bright sparks in the last couple of days.

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