Oct 31, 2011

Ho yaa Huu!

Update (31 Oct 2011): My last entry in WOGMA & Reviewgang's, two review sites who are organizing "The Reel-Life Bloggers contest" on occasion of the WOGMA's 5th anniversary. This is my last entry (for suffering readers' sake). Hope these posts do no harm to their Page Rank.

Khosla ka Ghosla is definitely a classic; if I may say so, in the Golmal league. Which is we will recommend it to the next generation and brush aside any objections they may provide as piffling trifles. A middle-class portrait of great quality.


Anonymous said...

There, you have it. One revisited the film already yesterday with one's personal VCD copy.

Unknown said...

Sat_vachan Zero. Me too revisiting now and it already rocks.

Unknown said...

Actually, the joy of re-visiting is even more understand the subtle nuances of the script. I am also the same view of Khosla Ka Ghosla :-)