Jan 30, 2007

Keeping an ear out
(The sounds of Nishabd, Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd., Delhii Heights)


greatbong said...

"Haath dhore tumi niye cholo sokha" is a song from a Bengali movie called "Chuthi". It means "hold my hand and take me with you, friend".The original tune has nothing in common with this instrumental.

Unknown said...

Thanks O Greatbong.

Unknown said...

"Haath Dhore Niye Chalo Shokha, Aami je potho chini na” Originally it is devotional and it means Oh Lord! Hold my hands and show me the way to eternity, I do not know ways of life, I do not know the way that leads to you.

But in this movie track it sounded like a mockery. It didn’t do justice with what it is, and shows ignorance of composers. Moreover, it missed the last word ‘na’ in its phrase, pushes it to even more meaninglessness. I didn’t like this.

- Srimanta Roy

Unknown said...

Srimanta - thanks for the note. Strange are the ways of film music.