May 21, 2007

Clayfeet no more


Anonymous said...

"play the tournament but irrespective of whether Nadal or Federer win or lose their preliminaries, put them in the final. Please, oh please"

Amen to that. I have a feeling some manuel-or-juna-come-lately would trip Roger in the fourth round and end up being brutalised by Rafa in the Final. Tennis must ban these (spanish and Latin American)clay court specialists!

daemon said...

Hmm.. I am not sure that Federer can do all that well in 5 setters, a trait not shared by probably all the greats-gone-by. And there is not much competetion to test him either, apart from Rafa on clay. I am still waiting for a worthy contender to arise to give Federer some quality testing. Apart from these two names, its hard to remember when tennis was so bereft of quality/competetion in my whole viewing career.

daemon said...

BTW, good title :-)