Feb 23, 2008

Shaant Ishant, Shaant

Shaant Ishant, Shaant


Anonymous said...

Sigh! Another one of those cricket posts...

Wouldn't we be better-off investing that money in something more productive; Funding schools perhaps? Well, thats too boring I guess.

Harish Kumar said...

If funding schools is as 'sexy' in India as it is in the West, then we will have many more people do a Bono. But of course Bono's campaign is all about giving the fish rather than teaching people to fish.
The problem is that those who do teach people to fish feel funds which can be used for investing in publicity (branding, PR etc.) can be better spent in building another school. That's not how the 'system' (people, business, companies, market) work.
That's why I like the Infy way of doing things - DO a lot, use it to build an image. I, for a fact, know that they don't do it only for the sake of publicity and everyone genuinely cares but by making a splash of it, they make sure more people get on board which only helps their cause.
Now - just get a reality show on this and somehow get high TRPs in the first month. Then see how things change in India.