Feb 5, 2008

That last kaDi-pattaa

That last kaDi-pattaa


Harish Kumar said...

Going by what's written in the article, one of the reasons for people to serve more than what is required could be the length of the queue. No one wants to stand in the queue again, just in case the food is good.
Here's some economics fundae by Amit varma - http://indiauncut.blogspot.com/2005/11/coming-for-lunch.html

Morpheus said...

will we then not be too far from become Obese like our developed counterparts where they are spending tonnes to have a healthier (thinner) population?
I do not like waste, but eating what can not fit into your stomach by force on the other hand is not right either..

Srihari SN said...

I totally agree. Just pisses me when people regularly waste food. And then go on to complain about the food.

My grandma would constantly scare us with 'saapada eranjena vayathula kattiduven'.

Sumedha said...

Guilty :)