Jul 5, 2008


Apparently, it's International Free Hugs Day today (I'd say it's probably more catchy than Bug Busting Day). Arnold is the nearest we have to a Rasta-quizzer that I know of (I mean it as a compliment), so it's not such a surprise that he has decided to do something about the comparative lack of free hugs in contemporary Puneri society.

As clearly described in a front page article in today's Pune Mirror (don't think it's available online), Arnold will be providing "free hugs" on M.G.Road from 6 pm until "boredom, tiredness, or hunger" intervene. (I was particularly happy to see that it was only under duress that he revealed he works in IT - bravo!). Since, unfortunately, I can't be there to watch and report, I thought I'd at least give him a little blog plug - so if any of you is reading this today, stop, and get out to Camp, somewhere near Wonderland.

(I must admit that it's a tough Saturday for Punekars: JM Road is almost off-limits thanks to a function involving the President of India, and on M.G.Road, you risk being accosted a strange man offering hugs for no compensation in these inflationary times.)

Still, all the best to the newest Chipko. This is exactly the kind of thing that the much vaunted (but ultimately colourless, IMO) Walking Plaze could have done with more of (ironically, the Plaza has just been suspended because of the monsoon). Hopefully, Arnold has perfected his technique and may even demonstrate a range of moves (an illustrative list here). He may even come up with an Arnold-ian varation of a new kind. Hold tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!


Anonymous said...

Good work, Arnold.

But I find the choice of MG Road rather peculiar. Could have been Mahatma Phule Market (Mandai) or Shivajinagar or Yerawada.

Something to do with the gender demographics? ;))

Arnold said...

@Ramanand - Thanks! Plugs are always welcome and it turned out really well in the end!

@Niranjan - I chose M.G. Road because I had expected it to be a Walking Plaza. Only realized at the last minute that they doesn't happen in the monsoons. Personally, I feel M.G. Road has a good mix of gender demographics as well as people of all types. I could have chosen the area outside Adlab in Kalyani Nagar, for example, but then I would be restricting myself only to the upper class crowd. And that wasn't the point.

Unknown said...

Arnold: and you got a lot of coverage in the paper - nice work!
We've got another name for you now:
"Hugger the Horrible" :-). Anyway, hope someone has a clip for you to put up on YouTube.