Dec 7, 2008

woh to bahut hii mahaan aadmi hai.n

kuch din pahale samaachar patr me.n paDhaa avashya calcutta me.n tiis-chaalis hazaar paagal unkaa darshan karne aadhi raat #Dum Dum airport# pahunch gaye thé.
::R.P. Ramprasad Dasharathprasad Sharma
About 30 years later, nothing has changed.


Abhishek said...

post on intranet by someone who was there

GOD of the Beautiful Game in the City of Joy

The 60,000 strong crowd waited with bated breath in great anticipation. The murmurs were getting louder, the expectations higer as the hour drew close. The city where 97 years ago, the Goshtha Pals and the Bhaduri Brothers had won a significant battle against the colonial masters from East York Regiment, the city where 1.3 lakh crowds still assemble to watch East Bengal battle Mohun Bagan - that city was to be paid a visit by the GOD of the beutiful game himself. A big smile and cheers in these devilish times.

As the convoy came in through gate no 6. Surrounded by reporters and policemen, he followed the WB transport minster Subhash Chakraborty onto the mini pedestal created for him.

And then, the hour finally came. 40 minutes past the sixteenth hour on the sixth of December, 2008. The convoy came in through gate no 6 of the Salt Lake Stadium. Surrounded by reporters and policemen and ministers and administrators, HE looked a bit lost. Perhaps he was comfortable with the Hodges, Beardley, Fenwicks and Shiltons around him.

Then he broke free of the barricades and rushed towards the field where the players had assembled to play an exhibition match in his honour, led by Bhaichung Bhutia.Wearing a grey T-shirt, the hair still long and curly, despite having seen rough times during the past 48 years.

He juggled with the ball (this particular act is akin to us having a morsel of rice and dal), and then send it flying into the air, before catching it on his neck and shoulders. 60 seconds of pure magic.

the assembled 60,000 strong crowd had seen GOD himself, the GOD of the BEAUTIFUL GAME

Diego, the greatest of them all - HE came, HE saw and HE conquered"

Unknown said...


Insert "these <> must be crazy".

Your reporter did not lament the absence of "Govinda aur Ashok Kumar" (substitutable by "Bhaichung aur Climax"), I hope.