Apr 20, 2009


I join in. I listen. The line's weak. They join in one by one. Crackle. Splutter. Beeps.
Then he talks.
I wait. It's coming.
'This is the agenda. This is why we are here.'
I cringe. I cower. I wince. But it is inevitable.
'The main reason', he says, 'is so that'
as I run for the bomb shelter
'we are all on the same page.'

I would not want to be on even the same book shelf.


Santosh Kumar T K said...

I thought it was a disease rampant only in India, knowing where the seeds came from. But here in the US when I hear these guys mouth these, I wince, albeit within. But honestly it still feels natural on these guys' part out here, but when I was subjected to this by my managers at GE Bangalore, it was cringe worthy.

George said...

Try "same sheet of music" -- it's refined torture at its best. Gruesome. I wish all these people were on the same boat ... the RMS Titanic.