Jun 11, 2009

Nonsense worth millions

The whole "Millionth word in English" nonsense finally came to an end with the rather boring 'choice' of "Web 2.0" as _the_ word. The friendly guys at the Language Log tear into the whole affair with gusto.

One can only shudder at the shrieking hype cycle in the Indian news media had "Jai Ho" been chosen. Joy Ho!


The Dingbat said...

It seems a little strange that the English language has only a million words, innit? :)


Santosh Kumar T K said...

I think they'd have knocked off a lot of entries, and added a few if necessary "just" for the sake of "millionth", otherwise adding to what Anitha said does English really have
a) really a million words?
b) only a million words?

Whatever, all this seems to be a big gimmick!

Unknown said...

A, S: yes, and hence all the dismissive condescension.