Oct 21, 2009

A quizzing use case for Google Wave?

Got on to the surf board and lined up at the edge of the ocean, but not quite sure what to do - seems like a common Google Wave experience for people I know. Perhaps there's one thing we could do - remote quizzing.

It's never been easy to do a live/interactive quiz for people scattered across various locations. Setting up tele-conferences is not an option, which left conferencing on IM, never a stable and pleasant experience. Wave could well be the answer.

With a group of well-behaved participants (how hard will that be to find at a quiz :-)), a moderator should be able to conduct a quiz with people taking turns to answer. Media files can easily be shared, whether on Wave or elsewhere. Wave seems a natural environment to collaborate like this.


Jatin Bharadia said...

The moderator can always turn to this(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcxF9oz9Cu0) to "take care" (Ba)any situation.

Unknown said...

Ha ha - that is hilarious. Google Wolf indeed.

Vivek said...

I agree. It was "what to do" feeling for me as well. But I see the potential. I think WAVE protocol is going to make more impact than this particular application.

Some simple use cases that I can think of are
- Taking minutes of the meeting: Collaboratively (members noting down the points, other correct if its wrong)
- Code review/Doc review: If somehow WAVE protocol is integrated with IDEs, group reviews can be very effective

But I am sure, creative people will find far better use cases for this protocol.

Saket said...

Nice! I am all for it. Quiz-deprived in Boston.

Unknown said...

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