Oct 5, 2009

An interview in 'The Hindu' with Rekha Bhardwaj

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The amazingly talented Rekha Bhardwaj, who recently performed (riffed?) in the Rajasthan International Folk Festival, speaks of her singing, Vishal Bhardwaj's direction, singing "Namak", and how Vishal romanticises the fact that he took up music just to woo her in college. The full interview here.

An extract, in which she talks about singing "Namak" (from Omkara):

You know, I was not expected to sing the song. Vishal has this habit of singing his every composition to me. When ‘Namak’ was being composed he sang the first couple of lines to me. As always I insisted on some corrections and gave it a more folksy touch. As I sang to him, he said you are the right choice for the song. I agreed, but during the recording I realised what I had got into, because the antaras were too naughty for my comfort. Then Gulzar sahib came to my rescue, and I somehow sailed through.

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daemon said...

"Antras were too naughty for my comfort....". Seems a bit too sensitive for a singer. Recently, read interview of another Sufi singer who referred to this song adding that she could never sing such a song.

Although a very personal choice, an artist, in my opinion, should be more open to interpret and explore various genres.