Mar 20, 2010

Jet Wings article on the COEP Boat Club

January's edition of "Jet Wings", Jet Airways' in-flight magazine, was a "City Secrets" special, and with newer people flooding into Pune each month, the presence of COEP's Boat Club may well be a secret for some of them. The BC isn't really a tourist haunt or 'a place to be' or (importantly), 'a place to be seen at'. In essence, it's 'a place to do', where "do" can range from boating to reading to performing to quizzing or just sitting.

I wrote a small piece on the BC, which appeared in this edition. You can read it online at the JetWings site (pages 63 to 66) or read a scanned version here (it's a .pdf file, ~1.3 MB).

Tomorrow is COEP's Annual Regatta, its 82nd edition (in step with the Oscars, as this trivially-minded author keeps reminding people). If you are not attending the BCQC March Open Quizzes (yes, that's how we get the BC in our name), you should attend the show in the evening!

(The magazine is produced by Spenta Multimedia; the photos for this article are by Parikshit Rao)


Saket said...

Great stuff! :)

Ajay said...

Very nice. Brought back some good memories. Any plans of going pro with the writing :)?

Unknown said...

Thanks guys.
Ajay: no, not at the moment :-)

anand s said...

Caught this in a waking moment aboard a flight last month. Read the whole thing, thought material was familiar & write-up good, and only then chanced to read the author revelaed to be the great JR. Nice stuff & keep it going

Unknown said...

Anand: thanks! One can only hope that it did not contribute to sending you back from your waking moments :)

Pooja said...

One of the best memories of college undoubtedly!

Do you remember the exact date of our regatta? Was it 22/03?