Jun 12, 2002

Forced Sabbatical: Apologies to the audience of this blog, both of you :). Work of the proportions of the Mt.Kilimanjaro descended upon me and my various preparations have caused this prolonged absence of blogging activity.
But I did keenly follow the blogs of George & Gaurav. They are in some sort of vacation time and have the time to spare for thought and composition, thus making me very envious.
Gaurav will be facing his viva voce on the 17th of June (Here's wishing him success at that) before heading off to the land of Nawaabi Thaat, Lucknow (Where hopefully, uski gaadi "pahle aap, pahle aap" mein nahi chutegi).
George, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying his summer with a couple of movies each day, followed by lip-smacking trivia about them and lots of blogging.

Bombay Dreams, a musical featuring the talents of A.R.Rahman, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Don Black, Meera Syal among others, opens on June 19. The cast also features some actors from India include Dalip Tahil, Ayesha Dharker and Sophiya Haque. Some anticipation as to how desi music will be received and if it can revive the flagging fortunes of both Andrew Lloyd Webber & the "musical" scene in general. The songs, however, will be remade from old Rahman numbers including "Shakalaka" from "Mudhalvan" and "Ishq Bina" from "Taal". Here's an interesting article from the Guardian on the subject: Bombay nights and West End dreams

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