Jun 24, 2002

The one good thing about Anu Malik is that he is God's gift to polemics. Any public appearance and his foot goes back into his mouth, though he is scarcely bothered about it.
This quality was again amply demonstrated in his interview yesterday on Star News, where he described his feelings when he starts composing ("It's like leaping into space, I do not know if I will land on my feet or float" (sic)) and thought he was the best among the best (no surprise there).
But what always takes the cake is the way he describes how his songs get made. One gets the feeling that he slakes his entire ego on being able to compose songs spontaneously, i.e in his words "naturally". He proceeded to create two tunes for "Jack and Jill" which was followed by a "didn't I tell u?" expression. The point, I have, Mr Malik, is that many people would be able to get different tunes made. But don't they have to be good to hear? That's the kind of verbiage that's gets you brickbats and you go about blaming most of humanity.

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