Jun 12, 2002

Theories and Jinxes

We all love to have favourite theories: usually coincidences that have happened more than once. We all know they are bound to fail at some point, but we enjoy them while they last.
I was thinking about the following theories:

  • Why P.C.Alexander didn't make it as President:
    We've heard the political reasons. Here's a weird theory. He didn't go there b'cos my family wasn't ready to! Confused? Actually, my family has been following the erudite Doctor in the last 13 years. He moved to Madras as Governor, so did we. He then came over to Maharashtra, and within a year, we followed suit. Obviously, the theory fails pre-1988 and will probably do so soon. But when he seemed to be the frontrunner, we were wondering how and when we would move to the capital! Not anymore though.
  • Why Brazil will win the 2002 Football World Cup:
    A posting on a local newsgroup explains an interesting observation:
    Brazil last won the world cup in 1994. Before that they won it in 1970. Add 1970 and 1994, it equals 3964.
    Argentina last won the world cup in 1986. Before that they won it in 1978. Add 1978 and 1986, it equals 3964.
    Germany last won in 1990. Before that they won in 1974. Add 1990 and 1974, it equals 3964.
    So going by this logic, the winner of the 2002 world cup is the same as the 3964 - 2002 = 1962 world cup. The 1962 world cup was won by Brazil.
    Indian fans too have reason to rejoice :India has never won the world cup so we'll probably win it...in the year 3964.

    Just a joke as you can see: Doesn't quite come up to scratch in explaining the one time victories of England, Uruguay etc.
  • And the Indian cricket team:
    Seems to do well in years ending with "83". The World Cup was won in 1983 & The Hero Cup in 1993. No idea if the years 1973, 1963 etc. bear this theory out. But eternal optimists that we are, the World Cup in 2003 has a fortunate ring to it. Too much work even for a theory to get our team to win?

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