Jan 19, 2006

Cuss ke baa.nDho


Pleiades said...

Do I see the IIT effect rubbing off on you or was this a latent side of you I wasn't aware of? ;)

Ramanand said...

You mean to say you thought I was naive enough to not know about these words! ;-)

Anyway, the immediate genesis was sitting idle in a 3 hour end sem paper staring at the integral of e^x knowing not what to do with it further.

Hirak said...

You have to admit that the first is an genuinely funny and possible; the others seem rather contrived (popularly, called 'reverse engineered').

On same nerdy note: See a lot of students wear a t-shirt that says,
"Don't drink and derive."

Ramanand said...

Very true, Hirak!