Jan 31, 2006

Opinions on M.K.Gandhi


Nikhil said...

Interestingly enough,just today I was telling someone about the book about Gandhi's son Manilal titled
Gandhi's Prisoner? The life of Gandhi's son Manilal by Uma Dhupelia-Mesthrie.I had read an excerpt and a detailed discussion in a Hindi literature monthly and it was a sad story.
Otherwise I mostly believe what the history books and biographies have told me all the while-very few don't.

Anonymous said...

Well they say the taste of a pudding is in its eating. Truly it is.So to have a considered opinion of Gandhi as a personality I believe that couple of his quotes would do:
'Find the purpose. The means will follow' - Purna Swaraj is a classic example.
'Be the change that you want to see' - Unlike most politicians who talk about others Gandhiji was saintly in that because he first walked the talk be it of non-violence, satyagraha or apostle of peace.
Gandhiji in my opinion was saint in action. His approach/views on freedom I might differ upon but as a person he is a role model like Einstein rightly said.
My two cents(Sentences):