May 16, 2006

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Hirak said...

You actually buy books at Crossword!! I thought Crossword was a place where you checked the books out and then bought them at a discount store. Who the hell wants to pay for ambience ? (or whatever is the excuse Crossword gives for its books being overpriced).

VCD's next to Lynn Truss. That is rich! Can you take a picture and send it to me?

Sudarshan said...

Yes, books are overpriced in India. Take the example of One Night @ CC, which was sold profitably for a hundred bucks. But look at most penguins and books of roughly the same size - they're well above 200 bucks.
Me looking forward to the coming electronic book market - where everyone carries ebook readers and downloads books onto them for cheap, to break this whole business model.

Hirak said...

R: It seems rather apt that you bought the Selfish Gene on its 30th anniversary. A nice review of the book and Richard Dawkins's impact appeared in Nature last week (11th May, 2006). Which reminds me to finish reading The Ancestor's Tale and read his best book (according to the reviewer) - The Extended Phenotype.

Ramanand said...

Hirak, I haven't seen "Phantoms in the Brain" in any place before this despite looking for a long time, plus had a couple of vouchers to expend.
Thanks for the "Selfish Gene" link. Had "The blind watchmaker" before this - halfway through it - and by rich coincidence, picked up a collection of Dawkins essays called "The Devil's Chaplain" from BCL.