May 16, 2006

Captain's knock


Zero said...

Narasimma is truly a classic. Hands down the jewel on the crown of the Kollywood equivalent of what you called as the "JaDE Hall of Fame."
The key point (which sets it apart from other "JaDE-certified" efforts), I felt, was that such hilarous moments were not coming here and there in the film, but the entire first half was was replete of such humour! I have (not very) elaborately talked about the film in my blog.

P.S.:- Note the very underrated performance of Venu Aravind (the one who tries to give the shock, if you didn't know). I thought he deserved all the best supporting actor awards in this world for that one act! Stupendous.

Rakesh said...

thanks for Captains video....reminded me of the great time we had watching it in was so hilarious even without any subtitles we are down rolling on the floor. av