Jul 31, 2006

Omkara, a f***ing good movie, O KaThor!


Harish Kumar said...

I thought the picturisation of the title song didn't do justice to the lyrics.But then, I really don't know how else could he have done it.
Another thing I liked was how the Beedi song goes into the background when they show Omkara and Dolly. Nice touch.
Langda's expressions in the temple, the drunk scene on the bridge - there were so many.
My piece de resistance was Langda saying Shabaas to Kesu in the hospital.For me, it summed up the brilliance of the character,Saif, Vishal and the innocence portrayed by Kesu and Dolly.
Konkona Sen Sharma - she is the most beautiful and powerful actress - a deadly combination, rarely seen in India - the best since Smita Patil.I can't think of many before SP who were in the same league.

Manish said...

Maqbool - still the best.
Omkara - not as expected.
Kokona - fantabulous!!!!!!!!
Saif - Good.
Profanity - Not needed.
Everybody curses? Hey that is not at all true!!
Dialect - Western Uttar Pradesh borders Haryana. Not much difference in culture and dialect either.

Manish said...

The place where coronation was done is 14 KM from Allahabad.

Ajay said...

Agree on the use of Devgan.Reminded me of Company and Yuva in some places.

Great production values - slickness and authenticity which seem to be conflicting for the normal Hindi film (bad benchmark, eh?).

Lihaaf...is one of the best item songs I've seen in recent times. And I'm not a big BB fan :-)

There's hope for hindi films yet. There were strong crowds here (Seattle) in the first week, but they seemed to have thinned by week 2.