Jan 16, 2007

Blocking the blog


Anonymous said...

"A fellow blogger writes on HER BLOG how Blogger is now blocked in HIS OFFICE"

You seem to be having some problems/confusions with the gender system. Seems like more techi knowledge at KReSIT has ruined your basic hinglish.
Come back to Pune and I will make sure you learn it again :)
Now you know who I am?
One more clue: "Are you married?"

Anonymous said...

HER/HIS aside, your clue generates some interest. Keep sticking to the blog and you will have enough answers for that... ;)

Clue: Sorry, Mate!

Unknown said...

Well, um, give me some credit. The gender pronoun mix is designed to help keep certain identities under wraps.

Anonymous said...

I agree many organisations are either blocking certain sites or allowing very limited time on internet.I feel they have their own reasons for it,if you c orkut is blocked in most of the offices not just coz people were wasting lot of time on it also it takes lot of bandwidth, so sites like this where u r doing social networking are in a way hampering the work. But i strongly feel blogging is very much different from that, it not only allows you to read others view point but also gives you an opportunity to express your views. Not just that its a big source of information as well.

hirak said...

From my personal experience, I agree that blogging and surfing the net can be time wasters and DO lower productivity; in the sense that I have to work longer to get work done because I spent an unnecessary hour on the net. The employer should be more interested in whether you perform the duties you were assigned.

Banning is not a good idea, though limiting access might be. The best way to measure the effectiveness is to see if productivity actually increased and if employees felt that it helped.

Maybe I should try limited access all of next week.