Apr 1, 2007

Memories of "Agni Nakshatram"


Srihari SN said...

oh how i wish mani saar makes those kinda movies again.

Anonymous said...

"ninnukori varNam" and eyebrow raising?!! Understatement, saar! Clutches-you-by-collar-and-shakes-you-up types song more like it!

That song parked inside my head around the time I was getting out of Chennai. I realized I didnt know what movie it was from, and hence couldnt trace it in order to re-listen to it, I almost got suicidal!:-)


Anonymous said...

Ilayaraja is the man!

While I dont remember anything of the movie, I wonder why the chap who can create pathetic cliched rags like Guru and Yuva is considered hot. Heck, there'd be a gazillion Tam directors who'd have made much better movies than him.


J Ramanand said...

ah shamanth! right now, truly, mani ratnam would not be even in the top 5 - but one day i'll show you some of his best!