Mar 26, 2008

Ad Nauseam

The unnecessary knowledge of Cabbie, Cabbie

The title song from Kabhi Kabhi (the Mukesh version) is undoubtedly a classic. However, I don't quite like it all that much, simply because I don't like Mukesh's voice all that much. The repetitive refrain doesn't help matters. I give it its due respect and move on.

Until now. Whatever little admiration I had for the song is being swiftly eroded each time this new and extremely obnoxious Vodafone ad plays on the channels (it plays a lot. A lotttt.) Hearing the song through the voices of several generations of vocally challenged males has induced a reflex not unlike Pavlov's dogs, but for opposite reasons.

For when the song shall play in the future, do not be surprised if my fingers are seen pressing the air where the remote's channel switch buttons would be. The song has been ruined, totally ruined. In my frazzled opinion, this is worthy of a public interest litigation.


Anonymous said...

That advert is extremely annoying. I flip the channels too.

Abhishek said...

hmm, template change? You were the last pillar in the bastion of good-old blogger templates.

Anyway, I personally LOVE the ad. It gets its point across brilliantly. So what, if it has to crucify the song. Notice the detailing in each scene. The blurry shots of the school gathering, the saree of his wife on the paddle boat. That my friend, is art. ;P

Abhi T said...

hear!! hear!!

Ki jaise tujhko banaya gaya hai endless replays ke liye.

Unknown said...

rp, abhi: indeed

now-shek: no cribs about detailing. However, who's to appreciate it if everyone who's supposed to be seeing the details are fleeing like they've seen grim death approach?

Unknown said...

A damn good song, and a decent ad too. Not all of us are fleeing.

I think there is bit of prejudice playing into it on your part, as you have already mentioned :-)

Harish Kumar said...

I think the ad is brilliant.