Apr 22, 2008

Nadir Shah-stri

Ravi Shastri during commentary in the IPL match this recent Sunday:
That ball spun and bounced like a spitting cobra!
If a cobra could do that, it should be in the ballet :-)


Unknown said...

hehe, this makes me recollect hindi commentary of Sushil Doshi, once when Kiran More missed an easy chance of stumping, he said: "yeah stumping to kiran more ek chai ki chuski pi kar bhi kar sakte the..." :D

Unknown said...

Ssahni: :-). All those days when a player "tendue ki tarah lapak ke ball ko rokaa karte the" !

Ambuj Saxena said...

Reminds me of two more gems:
1) "...aur ye bat ka balla ghumate hue....char run"
2) "...point pe Romesh Parivar ki acchi fielding"

Unfortunately I forgot who the commentators were.